Well, all your questions about natural gas anyway

A: In Nebraska and Wyoming, you can select your supplier, the company that provides your natural gas. Regardless of who you select, your utility is the same. The utility is responsible for transporting natural gas to your home or farm, sending your monthly bill and any service issues you may encounter.

A: The first thing you need to do is contact your utility to set up an account. Black Hills Energy will issue you an account and control number. At that point, reach out to us and we’ll get you all set up.

A: Choice Gas is a program in Nebraska and Wyoming that gives you the opportunity to choose a natural gas supplier that best suits your situation. The Choice Gas program provides you with a greater number of options in terms of price, service and budgeting to help better manage risk and price volatility. Here’s how choice gas works: your utility still delivers natural gas to your home or business, but your natural gas will come from a competitive supplier – like Uncle Frank. After switching suppliers, the only difference you’ll notice will be on your bill. Did you know that your natural gas utility in Wyoming will make a default decision if you don’t specifically choose one yourself? Make sure you’re getting the best deal and choosing the supplier that’s best for you. If you’re a resident of Nebraska you are required to make a selection.

A: The Choice Gas selection period varies, depending on where you live and whether you are shopping for your home or your farm: Nebraska Ag: The Choice Gas selection period for 2024 is February 2nd through February 15th, 2024. Nebraska Residential: The Choice Gas selection period for 2024 is April 4th through April 24th, 2024. Wyoming Residential: The Choice Gas selection period for 2024 is April 4th through April 24th, 2024. If you have additional questions, contact us at



A: You can sign up for the Choice Gas program prior to your selection date by completing the Delegation Agreement right here on our site.

A: There are four ways to select Uncle Frank as your natural gas supplier during the Choice Gas selection period. For convenience, please have the Choice Gas ballot you received in the mail handy when you contact us. Internet Choose Uncle Frank as your natural gas supplier by clicking here. Phone Call our toll-free number,


, to talk with a friendly and knowledgeable representative. Tenemos representanted que hablen español. Mail Check the Uncle Frank box on the selection form you received in the mail and choose the pricing option you want by writing the corresponding price code next to that option. To get the price code, visit the Price Options page on this website or call our toll-free number,


, to talk with a knowledgeable representative. Then return your ballot in the mail prior to the selection period deadline. Be sure to sign your ballot or it will not be valid. 4. Fax If you would prefer to complete your delegation form and fax it to us, our toll-free fax number is



A: No, the switching process is seamless, and the flow of gas never stops. Only the price that you pay and the Natural Gas Provider line item on your bill. Your utility services remain regulated by your utility company, and serves as your backup supplier in Wyoming.

A: If you detect a natural gas leak or have some type of natural gas emergency, immediately call Black Hills Gas Distribution at (888) 890-5554.

A: Your natural gas utility maintains the infrastructure that allows the delivery of the gas to your home or business. For any issues with meters, gas delivery, system safety and billing please call Black Hills Gas Distribution at (888) 890-5554.

A: Your natural gas bill will come from the utility, Black Hills Gas Distribution. You will continue to pay your bill as you always have, but note that on your natural gas bill, Uncle Frank will be listed as your natural gas supplier. If you have questions about the supply portion of your bill, please contact Uncle Frank.

A: If you move from one service address to another or a new customer moves to a service address within the Choice Gas territory, that customer will continue with the supplier previously selected for that address. The utility will mail new-construction customers a selection packet. For more information about service address issues, call



A: If you don’t submit a valid selection on or before the deadline, your account automatically rolls over to your current supplier and your current pricing option at a price the Choice Gas supplier determines.

A: The Wall Street Journal and the Internet carry NYMEX and futures prices. Monthly index rates for non-published CIG indices are available upon request to Uncle Frank customers.

A: Natural gas prices are driven by the natural gas commodities market. Some factors that drive the market are supply, demand, weather and crude oil prices.

A: Uncle Frank cannot predict the market so it’s not possible to tell customers which option will be the cheapest for the upcoming gas year. Fixed rates are based on the gas futures market. Market rates change each month according to actual market price.

A: The Colorado Interstate Gas (CIG) indice more accurately reflects the actual cash prices of natural gas to our region. NYMEX (New York Mercantile Exchange) is a publicly traded market that establishes pricing primarily for the east coast.